The legislative process includes many steps involved for the passage of a bill. A bill usually must first pass the rules committee hearing before it moves to a committee whose jurisdiction under which it falls.  Bills must have a unanimous approval in committee before it is brought to a Floor vote. Once on the Floor for a vote, it can pass as quickly as on the first reading.   We present for you the list of any current Federal Bills that will impact dog owners throughout the country first--and there may be several.  After that we present the bills proposed in Illinois.  Each bill has a link from its bill number to the full text as filed.  The links for Federal Bills will take you to, and links for Illinois bills will take you to the State of Illinois webste:  both sites include updates on hearings and added or subtracted co-sponsors(their party, state or district, and the date that they filed as co-sponsor.  

We encourage you to monitor bills as they proceed and keep in touch with your elected officials by giving them a heads up to your views before and after they become sponsors of a bill.  Most officials will only accept mail from their constituents, so we have links on the right to find who they are and also to send them an email. No stamp required.

Introduced in the United States Senate and US Congress

S 3424 PUPS--(companion bill in Congress is HR5434 ) IFDCO Opposes  with a position statement
 introduced by  Richard Durbin(D-IL) and David Vitter (R-LA) May 20
  • “Co-ownership” questions would be raised by this bill and would prove problematic to quality purebred dog breeders of various registries
  •  Would force licensing for many hobby breeders under current federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations, which most home breeders would be unable to meet
  •  Would not improve conditions for dogs residing in substandard kennels of known current AWA violators
  • The need for the stated exercise requirements, intended for all AWA breeder licensees, are not scientifically proven
  • Would decrease the number of quality purposefully-bred puppies available for purchase by the American public

The US Senate Agriculture Committee Members to hear S3424 are listed here.

HR5434( the PUPS companion bill in Congress)   Write to your Rep in the US Congress today. Follow the progress of this bill  from  the Library of Congress.

HR5422 Anti Debarking Law
Introduced by Rep Dutch Ruppersburger (D) of MD on May
 27, 2010
Provides for the issue of Federal Grants of up to 1 MILLION dollars to any state that enacts an anti debarking law for dogs and cats.  Provides an annual limit of 12 MILLION dollars in grants for 2011 and 2012.  Also provides that states may give their grant money to to entities that provide

                   "(A) care for animals that are unwanted or have been abused; and
                  (B) public education about--
                        (i) animal abuse and how individuals may prevent such abuse or care for animals that are unwanted or have been abused; and
                        (ii) the effects of performing a devocalization procedure on a dog or cat for purposes of convenience."

Ilinois bills from this session that have been signed into law 
by the Governor:

Introduced by Rep. Karen A. Yarbrough (D) from Broadview 2/10/2010 Passed both houses, and Governor signs into law.

HB 4801 Dangerous Animals-Primates  IFDCO OPPOSES
Introduced by Rep. Daniel J. Burke (D) from Chicago 1/12/2010
There are current laws which require primates to be registered with the State of Illinois. Chief concern is once a precedent is set declaring a species of animal dangerous, it will not be long until certain breeds of dogs are added to the Dangerous Animal List. 
Governor signs into law on July 23, 2010

HB 4722 Antifreeze Bittering Act  IFDCO  MONITORING
Introduced by Rep. Sara Feigenholtz  (D) from Chicago 12/17/2010
There is no scientific data proving the addition of a bittering agent deters animals or children from drinking anti-freeze.  Studies have indicated that adding a bittering agent leads to a decrease in owner vigilance regarding anti-freeze which may actually lead to more fatal incidences.
Both Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals are neutral.
Governor signs into law on July 23, 2010  

HB 4669  Animals-Accelerant Detection IFDCO SUPPORTS
Introduced by Rep. Thomas Holbrook (D) from Belleville 10/28/2009 
Exempts accelerant detection dogs from regulation as vicious dogs and makes it unlawful to taunt, torment, or beat an off duty accelerant detection dog.  
Governor signs into law July 22, 2010

HB5377 Veterinary Med Pract Act IFDCO MONITORING
introduced by Rep Frank Mautino (D) from Spring Valley 2/05/2010 
Governor signs into law July 27, 2010

HB5772 Dogs and Cats-Disclosures IFDCO OPPOSES
introduced by Rep Susan Mendoza (D) from Chicago 2/09/2010
Governor signs into law August 23, 2010

SB 3604 Animals-Livestock Advirsory Bd IFDCO SUPPORTS
Introduced by Sen. Michael W. Frerichs (D) from Champaign 2/11/2010.  Governor signs into law July 12, 2010

Bills Introduced in the Illinois Senate

SB 2580  Tethering   IFDCO MONITORING
introduced by Sen Linda Holmes (D) from Plainfield 1/21/2010 
Senate Passes March 18--Moves to the House for First Reading

The bill unfairly targets moderate to low income dog owners, owners with health issues and others who may find it difficult to keep their pets.  Does not take into account many neighborhoods do not allow fences or the people who may not be able to afford a fence.May cause an increase in shelter intakes and euthansia.  Second violation is a felony.

SB3496  Cnty Cd-Regulate Barking Dogs IFDCO OPPOSES
 introduced by Sen Dave Syverson(R) from Rockford 2/10/2010
there are no specifics cited to trigger a complaint.  The terms "frequent" and "habitual" are subjective. Repeated violations could result in a seizure of one's dogs. Will promote neighbor vs. neighbor problem has been referred to assignments- which means it is effectively dead for this session.

SB 2999    Animals-Euthanasia IFDCO MONITORING
Introduced by Sen. Bill Brady (R) from Bloomington 2/04/2010.  Has been tabled by its sponsor.

SB 3120  Animals-Tech
Introduced by Sen. Pamela J. Althoff (R) from Crystal Lake 2/08/2010

SB 3126  Regulation-Tech
Introduced by Sen. Pamela J. Althoff (R) from Crystal Lake 2/08/2010

SB 3127  Regulation-Tech
Introduced by Sen. Pamela J. Althoff (R) from Crystal Lake 2/08/2010

SB 3594 Dogs and Cats-Disclosures
Introduced by Sen. Dan Kotowski (D) from Park Ridge 2/11/2010

SB 3601 Regulation-Tech
Introduced by Sen. Dan Kotowski (D) from Park Ridge 2/11/2010

SB 3628 Crim-Cd Dog Fighting-Child
Introduced by Sen. Kimberly A. Lightford (D) from Westchester 2/11/2010
Placed on Calendar Order of Concurrence House Amendment(s) 1 - May 3, 2010

SB 3633 Dogs and Cats-Disclosures
Introduced bySen. Dan Kotowski (D) from Park Ridge 2/11/2010 Approved in the Senate Agriculture Committee first week of March

SB 3712 Veterinary Med Pract Act IFDCO MONITORING
Introduced by Sen. Michael W. Frerichs (D) from Champaign 2/11/2010
PASSED by the Senate on March 17 Moves to House 

Bills Introduced in the Illinois House
HB6857 Tethering  
Filed with the Clerk by Rep. Michael J. Zalewski (D) from Summit 4/27/2010
filed as a new bill replacing SB 2580 which was defeated in the House Department of Agriculture Committee Hearing on April 20.  Rep Zalewski had been a chief sponsor of that bill and will likely try to bring it before a different committee for passage. 

HB5771 Dog Breeding-Puppy Mills  IFDCO OPPOSES
introduced by Rep Susan Mendoza (D) from Chicago 2/09/2010
The bill fails to utilize the results of the 2009 Task Force on dog breeding.  Illinois has been rated the #1 state for good animal abuse laws and some of the strictest laws for animal care and welfare in the US.  There is a lack of evidence that Illinois has a "puppy mill" problem.  Current Illinois laws are more than sufficient.

HB5724 Commercial Dog Breeders
 introduced by Rep Robert Rita (D) from Blue Island 2/09/2010

HB4977 Animals-Abandoned Properties IDFCO OPPOSE
introduced by Rep Thomas Holbrook (D) from Belleville 1/20/2010

HB 5300 Animal Welfare Fund  IDFCO  SUPPORTS
Introduced by Rep. David Reis (R) from Olney 2/03/2010
creates a special fund which requires all fees received by the Department of Agriculture while enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, be deposited in the Animal Welfare Fund and used solely for the purpose of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act. 

HB 5689 Pet Population Control Funding
Introduced by Rep. John D. Cavaletto 2/09/2010 (R) from Salem


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